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Roofing Website Design

Success starts with a better roofing website

Turn more visitors into leads with a modern roofing website that looks great on all devices — you deserve a roofing website that drives results.

Why having a roofing website is important

When someone needs a roofer, they no longer turn to the Yellow Pages or ask a friend for a recommendation. Instead, they do research to find the right roofing company for their needs, and most of that research happens online. Having a roofing website is the first step toward getting in front of them.

Your roofing company should have a presence across the internet, from social media to local directories, but it should all point back to the same place — your roofing website. It’s the hub of your roofing company's presence online and the central part of your roofer marketing campaign.

Having just any roofing website isn’t good enough. For you to win in the market today, you need a highly convertible roofing website that will make you stand apart from your competitors.

Must-have roofing website design features

A clean, simple aesthetic

When it comes to effective roofing website design, less is definitely more. A simple design with plenty of white space makes for a more attractive website and a much better user experience rather than a busy, cluttered website.

WebChat on Website Homepage

By installing Webchat on your website.

This enables visitors on your website to quickly send a chat message that comes into your website. Then a text message is automatically sent to their cell phone number. Lead is captured and automatically replied to. So, lead does not go cold.

Also simultaneously add Web-chat to your Google Business Profile, capturing leads and transferring them via text.

Google/Facebook Reviews on your Website Homepage

Consider the advantages of showcasing your company Google Reviews on your website.

This not only enhances your SEO but also creates a positive first impression, influences purchasing decisions, and gives you a competitive edge.

Easy-to-use website navigation

Your roofing website should be easy to navigate, whether someone is viewing it on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The navigation bar should be in the same place on every page of your website, and it should be easy to find the information someone is looking for.

A mobile-friendly design

More than half of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices, so it’s critical to have a roofing website that looks good and works well on smartphones and tablets. If your roofing website isn’t responsive and mobile-friendly, you’ll lose out on a lot of business.

Fast page speed

People expect websites to load quickly, and if your roofing website doesn’t meet their expectations, they’ll click away and find a roofer website that does. Make sure your website is optimized for speed, or you could be losing potential roofing leads and clients.

Professional photos and videos

Make sure your roofing website includes professional photos and videos of your team at work. People want to see what you can do, and high-quality photos and videos will show them that you’re a professional roofing company they can trust.

Trust indicators

Trust is important in any industry, but it’s especially important in the roofing industry. Your roofing website should include trust indicators, like testimonials, reviews and accreditation, to show prospective clients that you’re a reputable roofer they can trust.

Contact forms

Make it as easy as possible for roofing leads and clients to schedule appointments and estimates by including contact forms on your roofing website. Contact forms make it quick and easy for someone to get in touch with you, and they’re a great way to generate roofing leads on your website.

Web pages to include in your roofing website


The homepage of your roofing website is often the first page someone will see, so it’s important to make a good impression. Include a brief overview of your roofing company and services, highlight your unique value proposition and call to action, and use reviews and testimonials to build trust.

About Us

The About Us page is a great opportunity to tell your company’s story and give website visitors a behind-the-scenes look at your roofing business. Include information about your team, your experience in the roofing industry, your roofing company's mission and any awards or accolades you’ve earned.

Roofing Services

Use your Services page to list the roofing services you offer, and make sure to include plenty of photos and videos to show potential clients what you can do. If you offer any special promotions or discounts, be sure to include that information on your Services page as well. You should also consider creating individual pages for each roofing service you offer.


A Gallery page is a great way to showcase your work and show potential clients what you can do. Include photos and videos of your roofing projects, and make sure to include a mix of before-and-after shots to really show off your work.


An FAQ page is a wonderful way to provide potential clients with information about your roofing company and services. Include answers to common questions about roofing, as well as any frequently asked questions about your company or services. You can also use your FAQ page to address any concerns or objections someone may have about working with a roofer.


Make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you by including a Contact Us page on your roofing website. Include your contact information, a contact form and a map of your service area. You should also consider adding a live chat feature to your Contact Us page to answer any questions potential clients may have.

Roofer marketing to grow your business

There are tens of thousands of roofing companies and hundreds of thousands of roofers operating in the US, all competing for a relatively small number of clients. Unfortunately, failing to invest in marketing is one of the most common reasons roofing companies don't succeed.

The competition is fierce for residential and commercial roofers. In order to grow your roofing business, you need to stand out and attract new clients. That's where roofer marketing comes in.

Roofing contractor marketing underscores what makes your business different and gives you the tools you need to stand out. It gets you in front of the right people — prospective clients specifically looking for the roofing services you provide — in the right place and at the right time.

5 reasons to use a roofing contractor marketing platform

1. Everything you need in one place: From paid ad campaigns and reputation management to SEO and content marketing, there are many marketing channels to keep track of for modern roofers. Managing each marketing channel one at a time can quickly become a full-time job. The Marketing 360® roofer marketing platform has all the features you need to manage all of your marketing channels from one place.

2. Streamline your marketing: Having individual marketing strategies for each channel is not a recipe for success. Roofer marketing channels tend to work better together. The Marketing 360® roofing company marketing platform makes it easy to streamline your marketing efforts and make sure all of your channels are working together cohesively.

3. Save time: Trying to manage all of your roofing marketing channels separately can be time-consuming, which is problematic when you already have a full schedule. The Marketing 360® roofer marketing platform allows you to consolidate all of your efforts into one place, so you can free up more of your time for what really matters — serving your clients.

4. Save money: Not only does managing each marketing channel at once take a lot of time, but it can also be expensive. When you take an a la carte approach to marketing, you end up spending a lot of money on software, tools and other resources. The Marketing 360® roofing contractor marketing platform provides all the resources you need to succeed — including a team of experts — at an affordable price.

5. Monitor and maximize your performance: There's very little point in investing your time and money in a losing roofer marketing strategy. The Marketing 360® roofer marketing platform provides easy-to-read analytics so you can see how your campaigns are performing and make necessary adjustments. This allows you to fine-tune your marketing efforts for maximum results.

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Everything you need to manage and grow your business from a single platform

Everything you need to manage and grow your business from one platform

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Get the tools you need to scale and manage your business with Apex Solutions Pro ®, as well as do-it-for-you marketing programs and a dedicated marketing team to help your business grow — all from one platform. Let us focus on growing your business so you can focus on running it.

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A website that gets the job


Introduce your business with a modern, professional website. Building your own is easy with Websites @ Apex Solutions Pro ®. Start by choosing from one of our many business templates and make it your own with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

Ready-to-go forms for your website

Get ready-to-go forms for your website that sync with the CRM and are easy to edit and customize. Apex Solutions Pro® Forms gives you everything you need to build appointment request forms, contact forms, payment and invoicing forms, feedback forms and more.

Stay organized and manage your business your way

Manage all of your customers, leads, day-to-day communications, notes, projects, calendars and more with a customizable, easy-to-use CRM. It’s everything you need to manage your business your way.

Stay top of mind with email marketing

Be the first business your leads and customers think of when they need your services with easy-to-build automated email marketing campaigns. Stay relevant by sending out newsletters, helpful tips, appointment reminders and follow-ups, review requests and more.

Grow your business with text message marketing

Most texts are read within three minutes, which makes text message marketing perfect for time-sensitive communications, like limited-time offers, appointment reminders, review requests and more. Nurture makes it easy to build automated text message campaigns.

Get listed wherever prospective customers are looking

Make sure that your business is listed anywhere and everywhere people are looking for your services. With Listings, you can get listed on Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages and more of the top local sites, directories and apps in minutes.

Build a strong reputation for

your business

Reputation is the only reputation management tool you need to be the highest-rated business in your area. Request reviews, manage your reviews from across the web, monitor your overall reputation, build a reviews widget for your website and more.

Social media management

made easy

Social media has become an essential part of connecting with your community and expanding your reach online. With Social, managing your social presence across multiple platforms is easier than ever. Save time with bulk posting and by scheduling out your posts ahead of time.

Outrank your competitors on search engines

Get to the top of page one on Google and Bing and drive low-cost leads with the help of content marketing. Content makes it easy to keep track of keyword rankings and organic performance with transparent SEO reporting tools.

Drive high-quality leads on the most popular channels

Want more leads and sales? Effective multi-channel advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more of the most popular channels are easy to create, launch and monitor with Ads.


Make intelligent, data-driven marketing decisions

Intelligence gives you the easy-to-understand reporting, monitoring and analytics tools you need to identify what’s working for your business and what’s not. Maximize your ROI by letting the data guide decisions about your marketing budget and strategy.

Real professionals, real results

As a professional, your business is only as strong as your stream of leads. Apex Solutions Pro® has helped professional like yourself build their brand presence, improve their business operations and drive professional leads.

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