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Med Spa Marketing to grow your business

There are tens of thousands of med spas and day spas operating in the United States, and in many areas, multiple spas compete for the same small group of clients. To succeed, spas need to stand out from the crowd in the right places.

Most spas face a lot of competition these days. In order to grow your spa business, you need to build a visible presence that stands out wherever your prospective clients are spending their time online. That’s where spa marketing comes in.

Spa and med spa marketing underscores what makes your business different and gives you the tools you need to stand out. It gets you in front of the right people — prospective clients specifically looking for the spa services you provide — in the right place and at the right time.

5 reasons to use a Spa marketing


1. Everything you need in one place: Modern spas need more than a website and a Facebook page to succeed. You need a multi-faceted approach to marketing that helps you get found wherever your prospective clients are looking. With the Marketing 360® spa marketing platform, you get everything you need to market your spa across the web in one place.

2. Streamline your marketing: From social media management and email marketing to spa SEO, there are many different channels spas should be using to grow their business. And, they all work better together. With a singular med spa marketing platform, it’s much easier to keep your marketing strategy streamlined and cohesive.

3. Save time: Because modern spa marketing consists of so many channels and strategies, it often takes a lot of time to get right. That’s especially true if you’re managing each channel and strategy one by one. By managing all your spa marketing strategies and channels with a single platform, you save a lot more time.

4. Save money: There are so many tools out there that can help you market your spa, from social media scheduling tools to website builders. But, here’s the thing, paying for each of these tools one by one can really add up. With Marketing 360®’s marketing platform, spas get everything they need for one low price.

5. Monitor and maximize your performance: Part of what makes modern marketing so valuable is how easy it is to measure. By monitoring your performance, you can see what works and what doesn’t for your spa. This can help you make data-driven marketing decisions for your spa. With Marketing 360®, you can compare and contrast your marketing performance across the web.

Text-enabled numbers on real estate signs can capture leads!

Text 👉"1234" to 409-235-1083

Prospective home buyers may choose not to call the realtor's number on the sign in front of the house for various reasons:

Top 10 reasons why prospective home buyers

may not call the realtor's number on the sign in front of the house.

Timing: They might come across a property outside of standard business hours and don't want to disturb the realtor.

Social Norms: Many people today are more comfortable with texting than calling.

Hesitation: They might be unsure if they want to engage with a realtor at that moment.

Comparative Shopping: They may be considering multiple properties and want quick, convenient information.

Texting is Preferred: Texting is often more convenient and comfortable for many people.

Information Gathering: Buyers might want to gather information before speaking with a realtor.

Documentation: Buyers can save and revisit text conversations, ensuring they don't forget crucial details.

Busy Schedules: A call might be inconvenient if they are at work or in a public place.

Introverted Personalities: Introverts may find texting less intimidating.

No Pressure: Texting provides a no-pressure way to start a conversation.

Customer Reviews

Get More Reviews. Get Found Online. Win More Business.

Win More Business

Get found with Reviews

Be the obvious choice for people who find you online. Stand out on the sites that matter by easily collecting hundreds of customer reviews.

Turn customer reviews into your competitive edge

Get new reviews, manage them and promote them across the web. All from one dashboard.


The power of Google

behind every review

Get more customer reviews on Google by leveraging Renown's direct integration with Google's private API.

Get Customer Reviews Automatically

Collecting new reviews has never been easier. Apex Team sends customers to top review sites to share their feedback.


Monitor all your reviews

in one place

Access all your customer reviews, for every location, from every source, in one dashboard.

Customer Experience Done Right

A Flexible Solution With

Lots of Advantages

Apex Team is the only comprehensive platform for customer experience that offers a range of products that scale with your business. Book a time to chat with a Product Specialist to see how Customer Reviews can help impact your business.

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